“Bao Bao and Luna get a giant rug for themselves since the hardwood is a natural fence for them. 🙂 clear vinyl underneath as well, since they pee everywhere due to other bunnies.” – Bunnerz#9809
“This is what their room looks like currently, I just finished cleaning” – ArcticFox#6467
“All clean..” – Annelien#5740
“Current setup while my foster bun and babies get adopted” – Koala#2327
Can’t wait to have it all be a mess again in. Two days at most”- deltadelta199#6391
A condo for a rabbit with less free roam time. – Wick & Fable#9936
– Blutrin#8971
“This is what mine looks like so far! It’s still a WIP don’t currently sleep here anymore cuz I’m in college and working on adding a canopy around my bed ~ I found that using pine pellets for litter and an air purifier really helped I had to put cord protectors on all the cords and still working on ripping up some of the carpet tiles cuz they eat them – they usually hang out under the bed” – Alexandria#4957
“my bunny refuses to be penned so he usually free roams a room… this is his current room, not very matchy i know but it works for now since i’m keeping an eye on a callous on his foot & i’ll make it prettier once we move lol” – vivala#0001
Example Discord Rabbitor setups
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