What is Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging platform similar to other existing applications such as Slack and IRC. u/sneaky_dragon started a companion Discord server for r/rabbits in 2018, which has since grown into its own community with its own set of rules and moderators distinct from the Reddit subreddit but with similar philosophies.

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Who are the moderators on the server?

Discord server moderators (mods) are users with red or green nicknames in the active user sidebar on the right side of the Discord UI or in the chat. They have the ability to delete messages, mute users, give warnings, or kick and ban users as necessary to keep the server a welcoming chat environment that is on-topic for any given channel.

The moderators seek to uphold the established server rules and are not out to get any particular users. If you are warned either manually by a moderator or by our moderation bot, it is generally not a serious infraction as long as you understand what was inappropriate and avoid repeating the behavior in the future.

If you have an issue with a warning or have a question about the server, do not friend and/or private message individual moderators – please use our moderation mailbox bot @Mod Mailbox instead so that all the moderators can review the conversation together and active mods can respond in a timely manner.

Discord 101

The following frequently asked questions are for new users of Discord that may not be familiar with the UI and features of the platform.

How do I change my nickname in the chat?

You can choose to display a nickname different than the username you chose while signing up for the platform. While there are a few ways to set your nickname in a server, the easiest is to use the nick slash command.

/nick sneaky_dragon

How do I find the channel descriptions and pinned rules?

The interface will differ based on device, but generally, they will either be available at the top of the screen by the channel name or in the right panel that can be found by swiping right to left on the right side of your device screen.

How can I appeal a ban?

If you have been permanently banned, the moderation bot should have sent a DM to you with instructions if your DMs were open.

You may appeal your ban in 4 weeks by messaging the r/rabbits modmail here.

Please do not send personal DMs to moderators or other members in the server.

Discord FAQs
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