For more information on going on vacation with a rabbit, please see the Wabbitwiki article here.

This information is provided only for your convenience and in no way should be considered an endorsement by the website. The following table has been compiled from reliable resources that have indicated that the listed businesses will take care of rabbits. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with any business – please call and ask your own questions before using a business listed below.

Businesses that board their rabbits outdoors, in hutches, or wire-covered floors have not been included. If a business requires your rabbit to be vaccinated before services can be rendered, please check out our RHDV2 resources page here to find a nearby veterinarian or clinic that may be able to vaccinate your rabbit.

Boarding refers to businesses that will watch your rabbit on their premises. Some businesses will require you to bring varying amounts of supplies; others will provide everything from housing to food. Sitting refers to businesses with individuals that will visit your housing to care for your rabbits on their familiar territory instead.

If you are unable to find a nearby resource in our table, the following are a few more options:

  • Ask your local or regular rabbit-savvy veterinary clinic if they are willing to offer non-medical boarding.
  • Reach out to your local rabbit shelter or rescue for referrals to individuals or volunteers that may offer boarding or pet sitting services.
  • Ask around in local social media groups (Facebook, NextDoor) for other rabbit owners who may be able to cover your dates or swap boarding or pet sitting duties with.

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