What are the Discord server rules?

The server rules are listed below in detail, but they can also be found at any time in the #info channel. Users must actively agree to the rules with a reaction in order to unlock public channels in the server.

  1. No images, discussions, or jokes about animal death, dispatch, and processing. No discussion of rabbit consumption at all.

    Trolls will be kicked and banned. While we are sorry to hear of all pet losses, please do not post any pictures of your deceased pet on the server. The server is full of animal lovers, and these topics can be very upsetting to users. Although some general personal food discussion is okay, please be considerate of other users that do not adhere to the same diet.

  2. No advertising or asking for advice on intentional breeding.

    We believe that all pet rabbits should be spayed and neutered, and adoption from shelters and rescues is highly encouraged. If you plan on intentionally breeding your rabbits, especially as a new rabbit owner, the server is likely not for you. No baby bunny pictures from intentional litters are allowed in the server. Exceptions apply for educational resources from rabbit breeders.

  3. Personal fundraising and self-promotion for your own Discord server, subreddit, business, etc. is allowed in limited circumstances, subject to moderator approval.

    Personal fundraising links not posted by a moderator will be automatically removed. Requests that are not rabbit-related or from active users will be automatically denied. Self-promotion should not be done in the form of private messaging other users in the server – offending users will be banned. Please PM @Mod Mailbox to request moderator approval before posting.

  4. No NSFW material or gore.

    This includes both messages and personal profiles, nicknames, and statuses. Exceptions may apply in #thumpers if the material is related to poor rabbit/animal care or activism. Graphic images asking about health problems, wound care, or rabbit sexing are okay in #health_n_care.

    Please mark as spoilers appropriately. If you are unable to spoiler your images on mobile, please prefix your image caption with !spoiler and the tag bot will delete and re-post your images as a spoiler with your caption. No other violent or disturbing content is allowed, especially in other channels. Images and videos of rabbits humping are unnecessary and inappropriate.

  5. No political or religious discussions.

    Exceptions may apply in #thumpers if related to animal activism. No other discussions related to current politics or religious opinions are allowed. Please remember this is a server for bunny owners and enthusiasts, and these topics are best discussed elsewhere.


    Each channel has its own set of rules and discussion topics outlined in the description and in their pinned posts. Please keep channels on topic as much as possible.

    In case of abuse, please ping @Moderators for immediate attention in a channel. If our moderation bot removes your messages due to censored words and topics, please do not try to get around the filter. Spam-like behavior may also lead to automated bot censoring and muting.Users that are repeatedly unable to follow the rules may be kicked and banned with or without warning.


    There is no tolerance for rudeness, personal attacks, or any general bad or poor conduct as judged by moderators. Absolutely no racist, sexist, or anti-lgbtqia+ behavior will be condoned.Users that cannot or refuse to be respectful can and will be kicked and banned with or without warning. Please immediately follow any instructions from moderators when provided. If you have any feedback on server moderation, please use #server_suggestions or PM @Mod Mailbox to discuss the rules.


    Please be considerate and avoid pinging other users unless appropriate or requested. Discord’s reply feature often has default pings turned on and can be very disruptive to users.

    If you have an urgent emergency rabbit health concern, @Bunny Royalty is available for pings. In case of abuse, please ping @Moderators for immediate attention in a channel. The royalty group and moderators should not be pinged for general rabbit care questions.

Discord community guidelines
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